Dynalyst Equipment

Front End

• Barco UCAM gerber editor work-stations (2)

• Valor Genesis

• Gerber C30 (.25 mil resolution) photo-plotter

• Silver film processor (Dupont)

Layer Registration

• Multiline Post-etch punch (slotted pin x 4)



• Orbotech Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) Unit

• Olec AP30 High Resolution image unit

• CoLight 1630 8kw LPI printer

Wet Process

• Chemcut GSK Chemical clean line for

   inner layers

• Desmear Line (glass-etch and permanganate)

• Metallization line (Palladium High aspect-ratio)

• Electrolytic Copper Strike bath (250 gal.)

• Electrolytic Acid Copper plating bath Hi-Aspect

   Ratio Reverse  pulse

• Electrolytic Nickel / Gold plating line

• Schmid developer for photo-resist

• Schmid developer for LPISM

• Schmid Alkaline Etcher

• Schmid Resist Strip line


Mechanical Processes

• TMP programmable Vacuum Lamination press

   (4-opening 24”x30”) with cool-down

• PHI Vacuum Lamination press

   (2-opening 24” x 30”)

• De-pinning station

• Pluritec Multistation L drill machine with

   vision system (2)

• Pluritec INSPECTA COMBO L (X-Ray) Drill

• PDA CNC Router

• Glenbrook X-Ray

• Plasma Etch unit


• atg A5 Neo flying probe tester

• Orbotech Discovery™ II 8800 AOI system

• Cross section equipment and analytical


• Teledyne LeCroy WE 100H TDR system

• Veeco XRF unit for plating measurements


Dynalyst Manufacturing

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