Company Overview

Who Is Dynalyst?

Dynalyst Corporation was founded in early 2002 and subsequently acquired the design Application Engineering assets of ATE Group, LLC. We followed that up in 2003 with the acquisitions of TDR Design, Inc. and Bin 1 Design Services. And after having previously agreed to lease a 29,159 square foot PCB fabrication Plant (formerly owned and operated by Taylor Technologies), Dynalyst completed the acquisition of this Taylor, Texas PCB fabrication facility on December 31, 2003. With the ownership of its PCB fabrication facility specifically engineered for the ATE niche, and a full complement of elite design talent in place, Dynalyst positioned itself to provide an optimized turnkey experience with regard to delivering the end-to-end services to solve for our customers complicated and rigorous demands for their “proto-type” loadboard and probe card needs.


In an effort to focus more on our core Fabrication and Assembly Business, Dynalyst divested of our design division into its own independent and fully autonomous enterprise (to be known going forward as ATE Design, effective May 1st, 2013). We believe that this organizational restructuring has been in the best interest of all our constituents as it freed Dynalyst to focus explicitly on advancing the capabilities, systems, and processes of our Fabrication and Assembly Business, such that our customers reap those direct benefits.


Our Engineering team interfaces closely with its Design Application relationships to ensure that we continue to embed our latest fab capabilities into the design, such that genuine Design-For-Manufacturability (“DFM”) is achieved, and that we consistently ADVANCE our mutual capabilities in cooperation with our customer’s ongoing and progressing roadmaps.


Dynalyst Manufacturing

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